Jeroen Kuster 🇳🇱

OriginFrom an early age I have been involved in collecting things from nature. As a little child I collectedbranches and stones and things from the forest. At the age of 12 I started collecting skulls. Now Ionly collect skulls and occasionally oddities from nature. From the age of 4 to 24 I have had manydifferent animals such as pygmy goats, chickens, rabbits, skunks, snakes, cockroaches, differentlizards, mouse species, beetles and beetles, millipedes etc.WorkMy work consists of creating new, not yet existing biological species and collections, using thermoplastics, supplemented with organic materials. I am slowly working towards my own naturalfuturological museum (or cabinet) with new species bordering on probability.I give them Latin names, as if I discovered the animals myself. In the body of naming andclassification in nature, each name starts with a genus name and ends with a species name. Withinmy universe, the animals bear biological names that originate from the Systema Naturae of theSwede Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) who was the founder of modern taxonomy.The work I make almost always comes from shapes from nature and materials that I see in thestore. Materials like plastic spoons that I transform, which I actually do with all materials. Othermaterials I use are shells, nuts, seeds and glass.My works eventually all become plants and / or animals.The drawings come from the nature that I saw while traveling, but also from the Dutch nature. Theyare tree and grass landscapesI don’t draw from a photo but from memory and let my imagination run free.My drawings can also be a habitat for my imagesThe drawings are made on rice paper with liquid acrylic.The paper is on a roll of 10 meters long x 45 cm high.My drawings vary from 2 meters to 6 meters, most are around 4 metersI make the small A4 drawings outside in parks or in the wild. By looking at trees and plants anddrawing them there and finishing them later in the studio. Then I take my total freedom to finishthem as I want and let go of reality. In my drawing, a tree that in reality stands on dry sandy soil caneasily be on the waterfront.Joe Kisser: Noise performanceJoe kisser is a character who performs in a suit consisting of a hairy sweater smeared with silicone(sperm sweater), underpants with wigs sewn on (lots of pubic hair), frog feet and a horse mask.I make noise with children’s toys that are connected to a mixing console and which are amplified.The songs are short and funny and can be about anything and are quite exuberant.I write the lyrics myself.There is a lot to be found on You Tube.