Exposition Walhallo

Curated by Gerard De Keijn (www.gerarddekleijn.nl)

June 25 – August 28 – 2022

Op 28 augustus Geeft de Gastcurator Gerard de Kleijn de rondleidingen.
om 13.00 uur en 15.00uur

Gerard de Kleijn is guest curator of the exhibition Walhallo. He invites nine visual artists to exhibit in the summer of 2022 on the fields of TAK Art Space in Speuld. The landscape and the stories from centuries ago are the sources of inspiration.
Those stories still make our imaginations run wild, think of the night our distant ancestors imagined as a jet-black horse, soaring across the vault of heaven. The artists will inspire the landscape with their images. The nine artists enter into a relationship with nine god stories from Germanic mythology; the god of battle, the goddess of love, the night, the moon, the earth and the god of thunder, purity, chaos, justice. He would like to introduce to you:
Marisja Smit, Thijs Trompert, Jolanda Meulendijks, Michiel Jansen, Emilio Timp, Anders Wolhar, Theo van Delft, Hannah Blom and Jimi Kleinbruinink.

Walhallo, powered by: Sociaal Cultureel Fonds De Amersfoortse en Vastgoedbedrijf Heilijgers