Rainer Bonk πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Rainer Bonk β€’ geboren 1945 in Lemgo (Lippe)

Rainer Bonk β€’ born 1945 in Lemgo (Lippe)
My roots are in jewelry and product design. In addition to aesthetic categories, considerations about meaning and purpose as well as feasibility in the context of certain requirements always flowed into my creative work.
In addition to my activities in the design field, I develop and manufacture models for serial casting processes. Since 1998 I have been primarily concerned with the development of thematic action art concepts and installations that are realized in public spaces. In this context, the artificial figure “Blue Sheep” and “Action Blue Herd of Peace”.

Participation in international art events and art fairs.

In all of my artistic activities, the issue of social values ​​is particularly important to me, especially social and tolerant thinking and acting as well as social responsibility. My goal is to change consciousness in the context of socio-ethical issues to a certain extent.
I think artistic activities are very well suited to this if you succeed in letting your messages have an impact on society through the media.

Another goal is to stimulate and promote creativity, creative creativity. Activity, creativity, public appreciation of the achievements through exhibitions and media interest lead to beautiful experiences of success and are helpful for the development of willingness to perform and self-confidence, especially among children and adolescents.