Paul Funcken🇳🇱

 Paul Funcken (1958 Schaesberg)

Lives and works in Udenhout

Where does the inspiration come from today

My sculptures often have a relationship with architecture, as inspiration. It can be beauty or impermanence. Things that have abandoned their original function are inspiration to me. From my research into architectural forms, playing with contrasts, perspective and optical effect, my sculptures arise. They are the result of a search for form, simplicity and beauty. I cannot conceive my images exactly in advance. The image arises during a quest in which I try to push my limits.

Why glass

A trip through Scandinavia brought me into contact with the medium of glass. I found it fascinating and took the glass art course at the IKA in Mechelen (B). In addition to all the techniques, I was able to further develop my creativity here. And there is a blowing furnace and that was extra attractive.

The material glass is stubborn and forces me to let go of sketches and tackle material physically. I am primarily a doer, materials have to go through my hands and then a work grows. The trick is to get into a good flow in which ‘playing’ has the leading role. The melting process of glass is always with a lot of heat and behind a door. Only when you break open the mold do you get a view of the result.