Jimi Kleinbruinink 🇳🇱

My artistic practice focuses on making sculptures, (light) installations and monumental spatial projects. The work is shown both in exhibition spaces, where it relates to the art discourse, and in public space, where it is in direct contact with everyday life. I want to offer the viewer a strong sensory experience, a super stimulus, and secondly appeal to it rationally or intellectually.

I find expressiveness in abstraction, the fundamental properties of sculpture and I find inspiration in natural processes and phenomena. The work arises from an interaction of the methods followed and the space for improvisation and play. As a maker I am looking for materials, processes and phenomena that carry a metaphorical or poetic meaning. In this way I try to create images through abstraction that do not refer to something else, but which do make a statement about a certain facet of human experience and perception.

Whatever intervention Jimi makes with his work, the spatial effect is never massive or static. Although he also makes permanent sculptures in addition to three-dimensional installations, these above all give the impression of being weightless, like stars and planets in an infinite universe of plaster, wood, building materials and found objects. At the same time, Jimi’s colorful assemblages undeniably relate to our own physical presence, because it stands directly in the world and relates to it. Are you going around, over or under? And where does the work and the space around it actually end? The answer lies somewhere between mass and light, banality and grace, atom and universe.