Ine van Son 🇳🇱

Through my work, I want to make people reflect on what hides in details around us. At the double layer; the many things that are not visible but are tangibly present. Often I use textile as a basic material; the material I grew up with. What I saw my mother working with. What my grandmother also worked with. And what carries so many associations for so many people. I try to go back to the origin of the material and its creation, treatment and processing. To lay off the yoke of technical perfection and be able to use the material ‘textile’ again in a free way as a visual means. I show images that carry a story within them. To suggest the image behind the image, and the story behind it. In my in situ work, I am guided by the environment. My work is a reaction to what shows itself there. Or what, as an invisible presence, does not show itself. A reaction of my work to the environment, and vice versa. Starting from the atmosphere and the history of a place, I build my installations on the spot. The work thus created blends into the space, the space folds around the work. The viewer can enter it, around it, in between, to experience the work in all its aspects: image, atmosphere, space, smell, temperature and sound come together and become part of the work I was born in 1964 in Nieuwkuijk (Noord Brabant) and was trained as a teachertextiles/handicrafts. I have been working as an autonomous visual artist since 2000.