Floris Schoonderbeek 🇳🇱

The world is changing, and therefor our needs are changing. Studio Floris Schoonderbeek creates products and artworks that cater to these new needs. Practical solutions for a creative life in a more balanced world. Characteristic for the studio are innovation, experience, functionality and sustainability. As a designer, Floris Schoonderbeek feels the need to look for new habits and new products, for a nature-inclusive and high-quality existence. Floris always designs to improve his own surroundings. By creating things that he feels are missing. The natural elements are always part of the design. Technical as well as in experience. 

Like the Dutchtub and the Groundfridge that uses the colder temperatures of the soil. See them on our Art Space

Schoonderbeek’s main goal as a designer is to provide for an independent and sustainable existence.