Exposition “Force that Moves Me” Brigitte Boss

In the Museum, Gallery and Garden.

The horse has been a source of inspiration for art since time immemorial. From the earliest cave drawings via Greek and Roman equestrian images to Napoleon on horseback, finally arriving at the stuffed ceiling horses of Maurizio Cattelan. The noble animal is a companion and muse for many. The same goes for Brigitte Boss. In her bronze sculptures the movement of the animal is central and she makes use of a special patina to imitate the skin stretched tightly around the muscles. Brigitte is self-taught and averse to conventions found in this genre. No static poses and above all: looking closely and modelling.

By explicitly showing this careful and empathetic creative process in the skin of the final cast image, work is created with a certain sense of momentum. The muscle tension can be felt and the expression can be followed. These animals really stand on their feet. Brigitte’s thumbs are in the folds of the skin and the anatomy follows that of the horse portrayed in detail. In doing so, she wants to honour what, in her eyes, is one of the most important characteristics of the animal. The horse is constantly moving and communicates its own complex personality mainly through body language. Brigitte understands a lot about this language and knows how to approach the character and essence of an animal in her sculptures.

This makes her work very popular with horse lovers worldwide. Sculptures by her hand can be found in the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, England, Sweden, Denmark, France, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

A working method that deals with such integrity with the selected topic also needs a suitable presentation place. Her Museum, Gallery and Studio – a converted one horse stable an d garden – is central to TAK Art Space