Ellen Boersma 🇳🇱

Changing space, looking for it’s multi-dimensionality. Trying to show that, reveal that. 

See it expanding, turning, flowing. By means of fysical lines, as a language of matters of mind and soul. A hyper-place, or space, we could dream of. Away from assumpted time—space of daily reality into a broader sense of space, where souls are free. Longing of places where spirit resides, lives, belongs. 

Space is matrix, an enormous body. She fills up all you can see. Occupies the in-between. We walk through her. We can play with her. I can play with her. 

She is huge. From far she has this entire planet as intestine. Space, you can see her by means of limits.  And then you don’t see her anymore, because you look at that what is limiting her. Like a cloud, a house, car, floor.

Multidimensional space, as origin of consiousness, birthplace of the soul. 

Looking for ways to her. 

So you can have a sense of her as well.