Adalbert Gans πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Adalbert Gans (Β°1970) β€” at times inimitable β€” sails through life uncompromisingly. He doesn’t like what is invented. His creations are never preceded by a sketch, let alone a constructed idea. Everything is a feeling, a creation from his gut, his intuition. β€œAt the beginning of each new process I seem to have forgotten how I started something before, so I have to come up with it again and again. That’s what makes it so fascinating and that way it can never get boring.’

This artist – although he slightly despises this term, because ‘what is art anyway?’ – exhales in colors and textures, only afterwards considering what has happened before in the creative process. Rather, he sees himself categorized under the neologism ‘soul explorer’.

Precisely because Adalbert Gans wades through life like an emotional spirit, summarizing him in a text is almost an impossibility. Because how can you take a reader into the experience you get as a viewer when seeing his Ε’uvre?
‘Experiencing how the audience dwells on my light objects or ‘guardians’, which is exactly why I do what I do.’ Allowing wonder to solidify in universes of light and colour; that’s what Adalbert Gans stands for.

With his mix of Austrian and Venetian blood, he was inspired by the fascinating world of Murano glass. He became aware of it without being aware of it. Just as he remembers being immensely fascinated as a child by simple processes such as solidification and melting. “In our garden I sometimes spent hours melting plastic bags.”

All this resulted in a polychromatic universe that should function as a catalyst for free thoughts – averse to all practical reality that can sometimes overpower us as humanity.